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We have developed a sound funding program with the best requirements to identify and cultivate the next generation of top market maestros.


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Our Mission

Our unwavering belief is that every trader across the globe should have equal opportunities to acquire the capital necessary to transform their lives and accomplish their aspirations. We recognize the difficulties and competitiveness inherent in trading, yet our dedication lies in empowering traders to realize their dreams and attain greater financial gains.

Our Vision

At FundsCap, our vision is to be a leading force in the world of proprietary trading, driving innovation, and delivering exceptional returns for our funded traders. We aspire to create a dynamic and collaborative environment that attracts top talent, fosters continuous learning, and embraces cutting-edge technologies for optimum success in online trading.

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At FundsCap, our goal is to be your ultimate partner, and we've meticulously considered every aspect of a trader's journey with us.

Prime conditions

Experience the FundsCap challenge, offering an extensive range of assets across various markets, coupled with superior trade execution, highly competitive raw spreads and ultra-low commissions.

One-time charge

Our commitment to transparency ensures that you can trade without any hidden membership fees or unexpected costs. We automatically reimburse the fee to you through the first Profit Split.

Scalable Drawdown

Take charge of your risk exposure by utilizing our maximum daily loss and maximum total drawdown limits. These limits empower you to effectively manage and mitigate your account equity risk.

Extended period

Our extended minimum trading period ensures that you have ample opportunity to make informed decisions and maximize your trading potential to reach your target.

Reset Trades

In case you had a bad start and wish to get back on track, you can always reset your account for lower fees instead of purchasing another Challenge.

90% Profit Share

Once you meet the requirements and achieve funded trader status, you can enjoy the benefit of keeping between 80% and 90% of the profits earned through your trading activities.

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